Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nonya Snack - Rempah Udang

Today, my recommended recipe is somewhat an unhealthy however it is definitely a yummy, mouth watery dish. It is a nonya kueh (snack), called Rempah Udang,a Peranakan snack which combines Chinese, Malay and other influences into a unique blend.

Rempah Udang is a Straits-born Chinese Wedding Speciality and it is a dumpling filled with spicy dried prawns. I am very sure you will fall in love with this traditional yet delicious kueh once after you tried it. Wait no more...

Ingredients A

Glutinous rice : 500g (washed, Soak for 4 hrs and drained)

Ingredients B

Coconut Milk : 375g
Salt : ½ tsp
Pandan Leaf : 4 pcs

* 1 piece banana leaf to line tray

* a little blue colouring or some bunga telang colouring (optional)


1) Place glutinous rice into a 22cm steaming tray pre-lined with banana leaf, mix well with Ingredients B
2) Steam with high heat for 15 min, fluff the rice with a pair of
chopstick, steam for another 15 min. till it’s cooked, remove
3) Stir mix a little blue coloring to get mixed white ang blue glutinous rice


Ingredients A

Oil : 100g

Ingredients B (Blended)
Dried Chilli : 10 pcs (wash, soak with hot water to soften, drained)
Shallot : 150g
Garlic : 50g
Buah keras : 6 pcs
Lemon Grass : 3 stalk (use only about ½ inch from root portion )
Tumeric : 1 small pc
Balachan :1 small pc

Ingredients C

Dried Shrimp : 100g (wash, soak for 5 min, drain, grinded)

Ingredients D

Shredded coconut : 100g

* Banana leaf 6"x 6" → about 20 pc (wash, scour to soften)


1) Heat up oil over medium flame,sauté Ingredients B till aromatic
2) Add grinded dried shrimp and fry till cooked
3) Add shredded coconut and mix well
4) Add pinch of salt and sugar to taste, dish up
5) Put 1½ tbsp of glutinous rice on a pc of banana leaf, flatten
(pic 1)
6) Put 1 tbsp of fillings in the center(pic 2)
7) Roll up to form cylinder shape, staple both ends, trim off excess
banana leaf
8) Put wrapped rice in 220°C pre-heated oven to grill using upper
heat for 10 min.

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