Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giving up

Each time thought of giving up on the blog but each time it would lead me to it.

It is my first blog and I really hate giving it up..

What can I do with it....haiz...so fruasting!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday, my mind was spinning with all the work load and appointments.
It is so frustrating especially when your colleagues are not co-operative enough to take matter in their hands and still coming back to you saying they are not in the picture or they do not know about it.

Nonetheless, I was lucky to be able to get out for fresh air. Else I will be suffocated in the office.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Julia & Julie

It has been a long long long time since i last blog.

I am just glad i still remember my login,password and able to return.

Recently, I just watch the movie "Julia & Julie". Just wonder if you have watched it. I enjoy the enthusiam and never give up attitude by Julia Child to cook. Also Julie Powell for her zest in food and spirit in fighting and finally finding her real interest and success in life.

Not forgetting the food they cook. It is mouth watering.

I was so much like Julie.
Finding dissatisfaction in daily work and an interest in food and wanting something in life.

Blogging is another part of her that reflect myself.

To share and gain recognition of others. Anticipating people to look at my blogs etc etc...
So much alike and definitely set me aside thinking and planning for more.

I would recommend those who has not watched Julia & Julie to find time for it. It is one of best so far now.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Guess what I have for my lunch?

It is simple...dried minced pork mushroom noodles and a cup of soyabean milk at one of the neighbourhood coffeeshop.

I am not sure does anyone ever have the feeling to see all the stalls with nice food and yet you do not know what you want to eat. For me, it is a yes and always.

As such, my lunch outside is usually consist of either dried mee mok, or you mian or slice fish mee hoon soup or yong tau foo or seafood mee hoon soup... These are my lunch most of time. Simple...

I do not like rice or fried stuff for my lunch as it is heavy and oily.

Hence, I usually favor noodles or somethings lighter in the day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Healthier mooncakes

As the mid autumn festival is around the corner and there are many bakeries promoting their mooncakes. So how do you make a healthier choice out of the many choices?

For me, I will go for a 'Go Ren' type.

The filling is not as sweet as those red bean or other pastes and consist of more healthier almond nuts, melon seeds and seasame seeds.

It is one of my favourite mooncake which I hate to miss.

Hence for those who love mooncake and wish to reminisce festive mood and not worrying about putting on weight, you certainly have an option now. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pumpkin Prawns

Recently I was introduced by a friend to frequent a place which is becoming a hotspot among the expatriates and the local.

It is located at Lock Road, somewhere near hort park at Alexandra Road.

We order the pumpkin prawns. Its taste is full and creamy and it goes so well with the rice with the curry leaves flavour staying in between your teeth. It is so nice!

However, I find the cost too pricely for a medium order consisting of 10 prawns to cost atS$30.

Nevertheless, I am glad my family enjoy it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Organic Snacks

A few organic snack for your consideration....

Kettle Brand Chips, Lightly salted, S$6.95
Organix Goodies , Organic Saucy Tomato Noughts & crosses, S$1.50
Sensible Foods, Organic Apple Harvest, S$4.50
Green & Black Chocolate, S$2.45
Waitrose Organic, Oaten Biscuits, S$5.95
Clipper Organic Detox tea, S$6.95
Yummy Earth, Organic Strawberry Pops, S$5.50
Phoenix Organic Cola, S$2.25

Life is still fun with all these yummy, organic snacks... isn't it?